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With our adaptive learning app, we provide carefully curated digital content to students in their home language. Giving you an online tutor and building your confidence.

Built to help you navigate the many difficulties connected to education – in the classroom and out. Our unique focus on the management of content gives UP.Ed the edge in the journey toward affordable, more comprehensive learning for you, the student.

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We are loving the app!! 
He is so motivated to learn. Thank you so much. 

– Mother of grade 4 learner


When I prepare for exams and tests, I don’t do grammar questions out of books because I don’t know whether the answers are correct. I need to know immediately otherwise I am wasting my time. UP.Ed shows me immediately.

– Grade 11 learner


I couldn’t do Afrikaans but then UP.Ed helped me because there were translations so I could understand what I had to do.

– Grade 12 learner

Learning a language can be difficult, especially when you don’t think you are any good at it.

What if you had an individualised tool, completely adapted to your learning needs; giving you the confidence and peace of mind to do well and taking away all that stress while making learning fun?

Well, look no further.

At UP.Ed we believe in excellence for all, and our adaptive platform intuitively guides you through learning in a way that ensures understanding, maximises retention and drastically improves application; all with translate functionality.

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With our app, there is nothing stopping you. 

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